Our Services

We are pragmatists and believe that it´s about time to reinforce objectivity of marketing or if you prefer a term borrowed from arts, to introduce „Neue Sachlichkeit“

Most frequent types of studies

Product Development: Products and Services testing
Including testing of concepts, prices, design, packaging, and communication tests

Market Strategy and Consumers’ segmentation

  • Usage, Needs & Attitudes
  • Need-state segmentation

Brand Health
Brand Equity and detailed brand diagnostics

Brand and Communication Tracking
Continuous or periodical

Customers Relationship

  • Loyalty and Customers’ Satisfaction
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Business-to-business
    Corporate development, Corporate & Environmental responsibility

    Common methodology

    Quantitative research


    • in home
    • in hall
    • in street
    • exit
    • F2F (personal)
    • phone
    • on-line


    Qualitative research

    FG - Focus Groups

    • online
    • F2F
    • minigroups
    • in-situ

    In-depth interviews

    • f2f/phone
    • individual
    • pair
    • triads

    Online chats

    Mystery shopping

    • visits
    • calling
    • mailing

    Desk Research