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We are pragmatists and believe that it´s about time to reinforce objectivity of marketing or if you prefer a term borrowed from arts, to introduce „Neue Sachlichkeit“


Today’s commercial environment creates many issues for brands. Successful branding and communications solutions is about energy.

Successful branding isn’t easy, though – in fact in today’s environment it seems harder than ever. Consumer categories are saturated with brands, and there’s often a lack of differentiation at the product level – so branding has to do even more of the marketing and communication work.

Global brands can no longer rely on their size and name to win market share – they have to understand and respond to local needs. They face new challenges –consumers can access more information and speak with a louder voice.

Consumer power isn’t limited to the consumer voice – switching brands is easier than ever, whether because of improved distribution networks or because new websites and consumer groups make it their mission to dismantle the barriers to switching services.

Finally, all this is happening within the context of a more regulated branding environment, as environmental, health, and privacy concerns limit the freedom of action and communication brands used to have. Despite the huge opportunities, it’s a difficult time to be a brand owner.