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We are pragmatists and believe that it´s about time to reinforce objectivity of marketing or if you prefer a term borrowed from arts, to introduce „Neue Sachlichkeit“

Innovation &
Product development

The path to innovation is littered with failures and avoiding becoming just another statistic is the aim of most innovators. It is often to research that innovators turn to reduce the risks associated with launching a new product or service.

In reality, picking obvious winners isn’t hard. Unfortunately, throwing away more genuinely innovative ideas is easy too. Research, in its drive to minimise risk, often fails to spot ideas that could become huge in the future. There are countless case studies detailing highly successful products that initially failed in early research.

Putting the right consumers at the heart of innovation helps to omit these really innovative ideas. Creating the best ideas but use discipline to refine the creative concepts can support their future success in the market.